Hair Care

How to care for your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an accessory and not your natural hair. It is an “add-on”, therefore you will need to take special care of your hair extensions to ensure they stay looking healthy and intact. Like your natural hair, your extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat or pulling. Treat your hair extensions with care.

Be aware that throughout the next 8-12 weeks you may have a few strands of hair extensions fall out, this is normal.

We ask that you follow the following steps in order to maintain healthy, shiny and longer lasting hair extensions:

Hair extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils and so need to have moisture added with every wash. If you don’t moisturize your hair extensions they will become brittle and break easily leading to split and ratty ends. Your hair extension technician will have available for you (after application of your hair extensions) a GKMBJ German Recipe Sensational Hair Pack which is highly recommended for maintaining lustrous hair by hydrating and moisturizing hair every time you wash your hair. These hair care products are cost effective and are proven and guaranteed by the technician to be the best available product for hair extensions on the market. The Pack costs only $89 & contains:1 x Loop Extensions Pro Brush GKMBJ Soothing & Nourishing Shampoo (280ml) GKMBJ Soothing Hair Honey Conditioner (280ml) GKMBJ Shine Spray & Heat Protector (125ml) Use a Loop Extension Brush to brush hair with while holding your hair at the top to avoid shedding, pulling & stretching. Do not use a scratchy plastic ball end hairbrush on your extensions. Run fingers through hair daily to make sure bonds stay separated. To avoid excess knots, brush you hair out prior to shampooing. Shampoo your hair in a gentle manner following the direction of the hair flow from top to bottom (do not scrub hair as rubbing the hair will take off the protective coating and cause it to dry out quicker than it should). Avoid washing the hair upside down in the sink.
Avoid using dandruff shampoos.
Dry hair by wrapping in a towel or air dry. Never rub or scrub hair with a towel to prevent matting and excessive tangling. If using a blow drier use the “cool” setting near the extension bonds (near your scalp) as heat can damage the keratin bonds. Once dry, use a loop extension brush to finish brushing and combing.
Very important: When using hot appliances such as blow driers and hair straighteners, keep away from the bonded areas of the extensions (the top of them) to prevent damage to the keratin bonds.
When you go to bed, always make sure your hair is dry, brushed and tied back in a loose pony tail to prevent matting and tangling.
As your hair grows, your hair extensions will also move down from your scalp and depending on how fast your hair grows, you will then have to have your hair extensions re-applied, approximately 8-12 weeks. 6-8 weeks is recommended.